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New international report on the economy of the future

30-01-2015Will there eventually be fewer jobs, and a widened income gap? New report on technological trends and the policies of different countries.

Out now: Volta.07 – Science, Technology and Society in Europe

26-01-2015In this issue: how can telecare, telehealth, robots and ICT help Europe’s senior citizens?

Dissertation on the effect of distance on research

20-01-2015Geographical, organizational and social proximity have a positive effect on the propensity to collaborate in knowledge production.

Technology will make this world a better place

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The Rathenau Instituut promotes the formation of political and public opinion on science and technology. To this end, the institute studies the organization and development of science systems, publishes about social impact of new technologies, and organizes debates on issues and dilemmas in science and technology.

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Facebook as Public Sphere: The Black Pete Debate

10 October 2014 09:27

In 2013 UN investigator Verene Shepherd provided that the ‘Black Pete’ character, the blackface companions of Saint Nicholas tradition in the Dutch folklore (commonly...