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Dissertation ‘Talent Proof’ on the academic ratrace

22-09-2014The pool of competent scholars has been growing for the past decades. How is academic talent selected?

The Data is Recorded as Missing

11-07-2014Society needs humanities scholars to include their critical and particular approach to data research, Leonie Tichem states in a blogpost.

Open data: the United Nations and its ‘PDF Ghettos’

03-07-2014Blogpost. ‘Open Data’ is needs more than simply making available large amounts of files, according to Marieke Fröhlich.

Technology will make this world a better place

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The United Nations and its ‘PDF Ghettos’

3 July 2014 14:33

Open Data has been surrounded by an incredible hype in recent years. In his new book, Joel Gurin for instance proclaims: “Open Data is the world’s greatest free resource...