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Technology becomes intimate

11-03-2014Intimate technology will cause a revolution: humans and technology are merging.

‘Traditional’ member states and universities keep dominating European...

03-02-2014New Working Paper analyzes European water research networks during the last 30 years.

The computer at the wheel?

10-01-2014Automated systems in cars and trucks enable drivers to perform better. But will truck drivers trust this technology? NWO did research on the subject....

Technology will make this world a better place

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The Rathenau Instituut promotes the formation of political and public opinion on science and technology. To this end, the institute studies the organization and development of science systems, publishes about social impact of new technologies, and organizes debates on issues and dilemmas in science and technology.

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Let data speak – but not for itself!

24 September 2013 13:17

Data never just speaks for itself. If data speaks at all, it does with a strange voice, translating certain aspects of reality into a particularly standardised form –...