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Amarens Veeneman MSc

Amarens Veeneman is researcher quantitative research information and analysis at the Rathenau Instituut.


Amarens is involved with the collection and analysis of quantitative data concerning the Dutch science system and with the development of publications about facts and figures regarding various aspects and topics of the science system. Also she works on publications regarding the development of (research on) artificial intelligence from a numerical, macro perspective. Currently Amarens is employed as researcher at the Temporary Commission of the Digital Future of the Dutch parliament. This commission investigates how the parliament can get a better grip on digitalisation issues in society.

Education and career

Amarens received her bachelor’s degree Political Science at Free University of Amsterdam and her master’s degree in International Relations at the University of Amsterdam. She wrote her master's thesis on the influence of European right-wing populist parties on the political immigration-debate. During her studies, Amarens did an internship at the scientific office of a political party called ‘Bureau de Helling’.

After her studies, Amarens started as financial consultant at Infinite Financieel. She supported and advised educational institutions (mainly primary and secondary schools) on risk management, student flows, merger processes and the organization of special care in education. In addition, she participated in several national working groups and was asked by umbrella organizations such as the PO-Raad to analyze macro-developments in the Dutch primary and secondary education-system.