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Dr. mr. Jurriën Hamer

Jurriën Hamer is researcher and joined the Rathenau Instituut in May 2017.


He is involved in the research group ‘smart society’ and researches the relationship between human rights and digitalization and the rise of offensive cyber weaponry.

Education and career

Jurriën defended his PhD-thesis in October 2017 at Utrecht University. His dissertation investigates the differing institutional roles human rights take up – some, such as the right to a fair trial, function as actionable legal norms, while others, such as the right to work, do not provide similar protection. The thesis presents a theory of fundamental rights that elucidates and justifies these institutional functions.

During his PhD Jurriën regularly published in Dutch national newspapers such as De Volkskrant and De Correspondent and he was co-founder and contributor of, a blog aimed at making philosophy accessible to a wider audience. He also visited the London School of Government, Law and Economics to work on his thesis.

Jurriën is trained in both law and philosophy, having earned LLB and LLM degrees in Law and an MA degree in philosophy, all at Utrecht University.