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Dr. Yayouk Willems

Yayouk is researcher at the Rathenau Instituut.


Yayouk is involved in various developments in the field of medical technology, such as the adaptation of hereditary DNA, regenerative medicine and e-health innovations.

Education and career

Yayouk studied Liberal Arts & Sciences with a focus on psychology and sociology at Amsterdam University College (AUC) and obtained an MSc in Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology at VU University Amsterdam (VU). She completed her PhD at the Netherlands Twin Register at the VU on the influence of genes and environment on self-control. In her PhD research, she investigated the assessment of self-control, the way you can include (molecular)genetic and environmental influences in statistical models, and how you can model causality. During her PhD, she specialized in science communication and participated in, among other things, the Science Battle, Dag van de Wetenschap, the Health Lab, and she wrote a report for the OECD on the impact of technology on the well-being of teenagers.