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Drs. Leonie van Drooge

Senior Researcher
Leonie van Drooge is senior researcher and joined the Rathenau Instituut in 2008.


Leonie is a science policy researcher, focusing on the organization and evaluation of societal impact. She is involved in a number of projects and working groups dedicated to these issues, in particular focusing on methods for societal impact assessment (FP7 SIAMPI); impact and evaluation of Social Sciences and Humanities research (COST action ENRESSH) and the assessment of societal impact of research infrastructures (H2020 ACCELERATE). Other science policy issues have her attention as well, such as scientific excellence or trust in science. Leonie prefers to work with an for stakeholders and she uses a range of participative research methods and approaches, such as the joint development of theories of change, and focus group, open space and world cafe.

Education & career

Leonie has studied Chemistry and Science dynamics at the Universities of Amsterdam and Manchester. She taught Chemistry and Society, was involved in the Chemistry shop and worked as knowledge transfer officer. After jobs in a range of sectors outside science and academia, she returned to work on science and society issues again.

Other activities