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Eef Masson

Senior researcher
Eef Masson is researcher at the Rathenau Instituut.


Eef Masson is concerned in her research with contemporary digital developments and the social and ethical questions they raise. At present, she contributes to projects on the use of augmented reality technology in various socio-economic domains, and the handling of data in the context of the energy transition.

Education and career

Eef studied Dutch and English literature and linguistics at Ghent University (Belgium) and film studies and film archiving at the University of East Anglia (United Kingdom). Early on in her career, she was a restorer and project manager in the collections department of the Netherlands Filmmuseum (now Eye). From 2004 to early 2020, she successively worked at the Media and Culture department of Utrecht University, where she obtained her PhD with a dissertation on educational media, and the Media Studies department at the University of Amsterdam. In her teaching and research, she focused among others on issues in media history and (digital) historiography, questions about the impact of digitization on media archives and archiving, and increasingly, about data analysis and data visualization practices in different sectors (heritage and the arts, scholarly research, weather reporting, etc.).