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Jaswina Elahi

Jaswina works as a researcher for the Rathenau Instituut.

Jaswina is familiar with metropolitan issues around the multicultural society, career development & labour market participation, poverty issues, cultural participation and the relationship between citizen and government. Her expertise lies in the field of qualitative research and action research, as well as setting up and coordinating so-called city labs as experimental research spaces. 

Education and Career
Jaswina studied Arts and Cultural Sciences (Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2005) and subsequently did her PhD research into the emergence of digital ethnic networks as a result of internet use among various categories of young people (Tilburg University, 2014). She continued her career as a university of applied sciences lecturer and senior researcher at the professorship of metropolitan developments. Within the Rathenau Institute, Jaswina is involved in research into citizens' trust in science, the role and use of EHealth in ageing societies, and an exploratory study on 'FemmTech'. 

Complementary activities
Candidate Member of Parliament GroenLinks
Columnist and publicist a.o. for De Kanttekening
Indian classical dance teacher Kuchipudi
RvT VO Haaglanden 
RvA Welzijn for the Municipality of The Hague, Alderman Balster
RvA Convey Foundation