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Jaswina Elahi

Jaswina works as a senior researcher for the Rathenau Instituut.

Qualitative research, participatory research, action research, change research and experimental impact research, using participatory methods, focus groups and dialogue meetings. Jaswina has a strong orientation on ethical dimensions of life and an eye for the special meaning of details, but with a broad view on all kinds of stakeholders, social developments and 'governance' of technology.

Within the Rathenau Instituut, she carries out various forms of the above-mentioned research and engages in dialogue about the impact of technology and innovation on the broad health and democratic involvement of vulnerable, disadvantaged citizens. Think of migrants, vulnerable elderly, young people and women. 

Education and Career
Jaswina studied Arts and Cultural Studies (Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2005) and then did her PhD research on the emergence of digital ethnic networks and institutions as a result of internet use among different categories of youth (Tilburg University, 2014). She continued her career as a college lecturer and researcher at the lectorate of metropolitan developments. Jaswina has been working at the Rathenau Institute since 2020. 

Complementary activities
Columnist and publicist
RvT VO Haaglanden 
Advisory Board Welfare for the Municipality of The Hague, councillor Balster
RvA Convey Foundation
Citizens Initiative Collective Capital 
Dance teacher Indian classical dance Kuchipudi