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Dr. Jos van den Broek

Senior researcher
Jos van den Broek is senior researcher and joined the Rathenau Instituut in July 2016.


Jos van den Broek studies futureproof knowledge ecosystems focusing on research and innovation policy. He is specifically interested in collaboration (public-private and public-public), and in the role of cities and regions in research and innovation policy.

Academic background and career

Jos studied human geography (BSc) at the Radboud University Nijmegen. After a minor European Studies at the University of Maastricht and an exchange period at the Institut d’Études Politiques in Aix-en-Provence he obtained a master's degree in Economic Geography at the RU.

After his studies he worked for over eight years as a consultant at ERAC BV in the field of regional development and innovation. Here he focused on doing research, writing strategies and developing regional economic programs. In October 2018 Jos obtained a PhD from Radboud University. His thesis concerned the role of the (national) border in regional innovation systems. He shows that constructing a cross-border innovation system is an evolutionary process that goes both forwards and backwards. Entrepreneurs, policymakers and researchers organize their cross-border practices alongside their national or regional practices, so that cross-border innovation remains something 'special' and does not become part of regular practice. As a result, there is no institutionalization and every time the wheel of cross-border work has to be reinvented. Cross-border innovation thus appears to be as difficult as international cooperation, despite geographical proximity.