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Pieter van Boheemen MSc

Pieter van Boheemen is researcher.

Pieter van Boheemen started October 2017 at the Rathenau Instituut. He specialises in applying co-creation and design thinking in researching the societal aspects of science and technology. He is continuously looking for new events, projects and other collaboration opportunities and frequently hosts workshops or speaks at conferences. In his research he focusses on understanding social and ethical aspects of synthetic biology, open science, blockchain and digitalisation of the news. He is a member of the Human Practices Committee of the biotech competition iGEM and the advisory committee for Activity Programmes of the Creative Industries Fund NL.

Pieter obtained a master’s degree in Life Science & Technology at the TU Delft and Leiden University. During his studies he started two companies: one in software and another in e-commerce. After this he worked at Accenture and co-founded biotech startup Amplino. He then turned to social innovation, covering citizen involvement in smart cities and biotech. As manager at Waag Society he led the teams of the Open Wetlab, Open Design Lab and FabLab Amsterdam. The teams created open, fair and inclusive technology in several European FP7, H2020 and Creative Europe projects. The outcomes have been featured in international art, design and science museums and festivals.