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Prof. dr. Barend van der Meulen

Head of Research
Barend van der Meulen is Head of Research.


Barend van der Meulen has over 25 year experience in science policy. He specializes in the dynamics of science and policy, and in the instruments used for science policy.

In several publications he has examined evaluation, foresight and funding of science, the 'Europeanization' of science, and the impact of science. He also researched the history and development of the Dutch research system. Recent projects are related to the future of universities, academic careers and the organisation of challenge driven research.

Other activities

  • Endowed Professor Evidence for Science Policy at Leiden University, CWTS, Centre for Science and Technology Studies
  • Chair Scientific Integrity Committee Wageningen University & Research
  • Chair National Authorisation Panel for Quality and Relevance in the Humanities
  • Member Board of WTMC, Netherlands Graduate School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture
  • Member International Advisory Board van de Research master Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology (CAST)
  • Member Advisory Board van AESIS Network on the Advancement and Evaluation of the Societal Impact of Science