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Roos de Jong MSc

Roos de Jong is philosopher, researcher and debater at Rathenau Instituut.


Roos specialises in the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on individual lives and our society, and is involved in research related to the digital society. Roos foresees a future in which we acknowledge that we are not competing with AI, but fundamentally interwoven with intelligent machines in our daily practices. She argues that in order for AI to deliver on its promises we, as a society, need to be able to assess the transformative effects of technology on our lives and think about how we want to organise our society. ‘AI will have impact on many of our public services, our values, and human rights. We should be concerned about how we, as humans, can interact and even merge with technology in a desirable way. In order to do so engineers, users, and society at large need to get a better understanding of the social significance of this emerging technology.’ Roos regularly participates in public discussions and workshops on issues related to AI ethics and the digital society.

Education and career

Roos holds a master’s degree in Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society from the University of Twente and a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Utrecht University. She also has an interest and education in the field of international relations. Before joining Rathenau Instituut, Roos worked as a programme developer at BioArt Laboratories and as a board-member and trainer for several societal organisations. Roos was also involved in the development of a popular massive open online course on the philosophy of technology at the University of Twente.