Drs. Leonie van Drooge

Leonie van Drooge joined the Rathenau Institute in May 2008. Her main area of interest is the evaluation of the social quality of research, which involves her in both the Dutch ERiC project and the European SIAMPI project. These projects have similar objectives: to foster a greater awareness that it is indeed possible to assess the quality and social relevance of research, and to develop methods for doing so more effectively.

Academic background and career
Leonie van Drooge studied Chemistry and Sciencedynamics at the University of Amsterdam. Even as an undergraduate, she was particularly interested in the social relevance of research. She took an active part in the Chemistryshop and lectured on Chemistry and Society. She began her professional career as a technology transfer officer at the University of Amsterdam. Having explored various other sectors, she has now returned to devote her full attention to science and society.