Annual Report 2016: an outline of the activities of the Rathenau Instituut

Science and Technology provide us with infinite possibilities. However, the pros and cons of any new innovations need to be carefully considered. The Rathenau Instituut facilitates a dialogue about dilemmas relating to science and technology in politics, science and society at large.

The Annual Report 2016 outlines the Rathenau Institute's activities in the past year. Below are some of the year’s highlights.

  • Big data: the Rathenau Instituut drew attention to the implications of this technological revolution.
  • One of the Rathenau Instituut’s tasks is to initiate research into the Dutch knowledge infrastructure. One example is its publication Facts and Figures of Public Knowledge Organisations
  • In 2016, we briefed our Parliament, our reports led to questions in the House of Representatives and the House of Lords , and we were “quoted” regularly

Annual Report 2016