Conference: Shaping the future of mobility

Safe, efficient, accessible and sustainable mobility, that is the goal. How do we achieve it? The Rathenau Instituut met with other institutes at the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment Conference 2017 on November 8 to discuss this. In Luzern, Switzerland, we discussed the future of mobility with representatives of several national parliaments. Read the different approaches in the report Shaping the Future of Mobility

What are the developments in other countries? How can we incorporate new technologies such as smart and selfsteering cars? And what does that mean for our autonomy and privacy? Can sharing platforms like Uber and Snappcar ensure more efficient use of current vehicles?

European Institutes with the task to assess the societal impacts of science and technology meet annually at the EPTA Conference. This year, the theme was mobility: a domain with many technological developments, that can strongly influence our daily life.