The Netherlands in top 10 of 5 important rankings

The Netherlands features in the top ten in five important rankings on science, education and innovation. In its Rankings Factsheet the Institute examines the different types of rankings, as well as their uses and limitations.

Rankings are a popular way of making comparisons, but they are also subject to a lot of criticism. There are rankings for higher education systems, innovation systems and individual institutions. Some rankings are based on several indicators, while others focus on only one.

Although the Netherlands makes the top 10 of a number of important rankings, the Rathenau Institute points out that we should not be concentrating only on this. The researchers write: ‘Even though rankings are generally based on several underlying indicators, it is the resulting position that people notice and pay most attention to. This is also the pitfall with rankings. The overall position in a ranking does not fully reflect the complexity of what is measured.’

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