New book: how do we make the Information Society an ethical society?

The digital age is everywhere in our lives. It disrupts existing models of trade, communication, care, life. These questions call for a visualization of the ethical issues that are involved. ECP Platform for the Information Society published a collection of essays on the subject: ‘The Art of Ethics in the Information Society – Mind You’. The book was presented to Melanie Peters, director of the Rathenau Instituut, during the ECP congress on November 17. The Rathenau Instituut builds a bridge between new insights in science and technology and our politicians. 

Two researchers of the Rathenau Instituut wrote essays on respectively robots and the talking computer. Researcher Rinie van Est wrote an essay on robots together with Lambèr Royakkers. The authors claim that robots can act as both humanizing and dehumanizing systems. Researcher Jelte Timmer focusses on the changing relations between ourselves and digital technologies such as Siri, Apple’s digital assistant.

The Art of Ethics in the Information Society – Mind You (pdf)

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