New book: Just Ordinary Robots - Automation from Love to War

What are the odds for a care robot? Will military drones kill people idependently? And are prostitutes being replaced by sex robots? Rinie van Est (Rathenau Instituut) en Lambèr Royakkers (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven) wrote about these topics in the book: ‘Just Ordinary robots: Automation from Love to War’ (CRC Press, 352 pagina's, €70).

In the book, Van Est and Royakkers discuss the risks and opportunities of the private robot, the care robot, the robot car, the police robot and the militairy robot. The authors point out issues for politicians, policymakers and the public debate.

Boek: Just Ordinary Robots
De book picks up where the Dutch book ‘Overal robots: automatisering van de liefde tot de dood’ ended in 2012.