Next Society@Border Sessions

Next Society is now. Let go of the steering wheel, sit down and relax while the car drives you to your destination. It is becoming more and more commonplace for us to transmit our actions and decisions to increasingly invisible and ubiquitous technology. It’s convenient, but at the same time it’s alienating. Relationships and responsibilities are shifting and becoming obscure. Who is in control? You, the autopilot, the algorithm?
BS posterThe profound impact digitalisation has on everyday life will be discussed at two sessions the Rathenau Institute is to organise during the Border Sessions on 29 June 2017. First, Rinie van Est and Jurriën Hamer will explore the importance of a renewed concept of Human Rights in the Robot Age during a meet-up. They will advocate the explicit future allocation of responsibilities and rights to humans and robots and launch a new blog to kick off and advance this discussion. In an interactive theatre format Frank Kupper and three actors will confront the audience with the consequences of far-reaching digitalisation by focusing on the self-driving car. Our cars, the icon of materialised freedom, increasingly determine our behaviour. Where do autonomous vehicles collide with the existing physical and moral infrastructure? ‘Driven by data’ will connect the audience, stakeholders and actors for a journey into ideas and concerns surrounding the societal future of self-driving cars.

Border Sessions is an annual technology conference and year-round lab that aims to kickstart and fuel challenging ideas, experiments and endeavours.

More information:
Location: Theater aan het Spui, The Hague
Date: 28 to 30 June 2017
Times: 09:00 to 18:00

The official language of the Border Sessions is English, but the interactive theatre session and debate will be in Dutch.