Report: Prospects for E-democracy in Europe

Our research ‘Prospects for E-democracy in Europe’ is published. How can citizens be more digitally involved in making decisions regarding important political issues? How can we use online options to fully capture the potential scope of participants’ contributions? These questions are currently debated on European, national as well as local levels.

The European Parliament commissioned the Rathenau Instituut and three of our European counterpart research organisations to explore this topic thoroughly. In the past, participants’ experiences regarding digital democracy have been disappointing; hardly any significant impact has been noticed on the final deliberations and decisions. This is why the European Parliament specified interest in better alternatives: How can we organise digital participation in a different fashion in order to create more political impact?

Our researchers investigated and analysed over 400 publications and 22 initiatives in the area of public participation. Our analysis concludes that digital participation can have a positive impact on democracy, as long as attention is paid to certain specific conditions. The report describes in concrete examples how this can take place.

You can download the publication here.