Annual Report 2015

Technology provides us with infinite possibilities. However, the pros and cons of any new technology need to be carefully considered. The Rathenau Instituut facilitates a dialogue about dilemmas relating to science and technology in politics, science and society at large.

The Annual Report 2015 outlines the Rathenau Institute's activities in the past year. Below are some of the year’s highlights.

  • For the first time in history, the Dutch public was asked to provide input on a National Research Agenda. What are some of the key topics that Dutch people feel scientists and scholars should be investigating? The Rathenau Instituut was involved in this initiative, hosted a conference for stakeholders and scientists in The Hague, and reported on the outcomes of this conference.
  • A survey we conducted on ‘Trust in Science in the Netherlands’ revealed that the public does not only have a high level of trust in scientists and scientific research, but have high expectations of them as well.
  • The new, user-friendly landing page ‘Science in figures’ shows the latest facts and figures about research in a series of factsheets, graphs and tables.
  • The Institute was commissioned by the Dutch House of Representatives to author the report ‘Working on the robot society’ . How will the use of smart technologies affect employment?
  • R&D Goes Global: the Rathenau Instituut has noted that Dutch companies are increasing their international research and development (R&D) budgets, while the reverse trend – more R&D spending by international companies in the Netherlands – is not occurring at the same level.

You can download the Annual Report in PDF format or read it as an online magazine at ISSUU.