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Dr. Frank van Rijnsoever

Senior researcher
Frank is a senior researcher in the field of knowledge ecosystems. He is also senior lecturer of innovation science at Utrecht University.

Frank specializes in the cooperation between different parties when it comes to innovation, such as scientists, (start-up) companies and SMEs. He mainly focuses on how the cooperating parties and the (knowledge) ecosystem influence each other. In addition, Frank has done a lot of work on the social acceptance of sustainable innovations. 

Frank obtained his PhD at Utrecht University in 2010 on research into the search behaviour of innovative consumers. He was also involved in a collaboration between scientists and companies. In 2012 he received a Veni grant on this subject from NWO. Following on from this, he focused on how best to make technology-driven start-ups successful. To this end, he conducted research in the United States, China, Australia, Israel, and various European countries. Frank has published his research in leading scientific journals such as Research Policy, The Journal of Technology Transfer, and Technovation. Between 2015 and 2018 he was a columnist for Financieel Dagblad. Since 2020 Frank has been working part-time at the Rathenau Instituut. He focuses on how new technology challenges the patent system.

Key words:
Cooperation between companies, entrepreneurs and scientists, innovation systems, start-ups, sustainable entrepreneurship, technological entrepreneurship, knowledge ecosystems, (sustainable) innovation, social networks, public acceptance, quantitative methods, questionnaires, simulation.