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Drs. Henk de Jong

Henk de Jong
Henk de Jong is director ad interim of the Rathenau Instituut. De Jong succeeds Melanie Peters, who died in August and had been director since 2015.

De Jong has been appointed for a period of six months. He will not only be responsible for the day-to-day running of the institute, but will also, together with staff members, draw up the profile for a new director. De Jong has been unanimously nominated by the appointment advisory committee, which includes board members and staff members of the Rathenau Instituut as well as the KNAW's general director.

De Jong currently works as director of consultancy firm PBLQ, which focuses on helping government institutions and non-profit organisations solve digitisation issues. He previously worked as city manager of Amsterdam, interim chairman of the boards of MBO (secondary vocational education), and member of the Force Command of the Dutch national police force.