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Border Sessions 2018


13:00 Filmhuis, Den Haag
A four day festival to explore how technology can be a powerful instrument for positive change. This year the conference will be held on the 14th of June. The labs take place in various venues across the city centre of The Hague on June 13, 15 and 16.

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The Rathenau Instituut will host a panel discussion on Thursday June 14, from 13 to 14 at the Filmhuis The Hague.  

Can AI make us more human? 

Drones that deliver parcels. Fridges that order groceries. Automated verdicts in court. Artificial Intelligence is taking humans out of the loop in an attempt to make our world better. In this session we will discuss what “better” actually means.

Why is AI mostly used for efficiency, if technology is supposed to increase our well-being? How about other fundamental needs that make us human? If AI is truly smart, how can we harness it to support and enhance what makes us human?

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