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Who we are

The Rathenau Instituut has been involved in research and debate about the impact of science, innovation, and technology on society for 35 years. Read our history below and get to know our employees.

Who work at our institute?

Approximately 60 people work at the Rathenau Instituut. 

Our board determines the work program and meets about five times a year to discuss our progress.

Our programme council keeps us informed on broad developments in society and thinks along with us about our work programme.


    Why were we founded?

    What is the impact of technology on our lives? In 1986 the government founded an institute that was given the specific task to research these kind of questions. This institute was called the Nederlandse Organisatie voor Technologisch Aspectenonderzoek, now called the Rathenau Instituut. 

    Who do we work for?

    We publish our work program every two years. That is laid down in our constituent act. It also states that in our work we should pay particular attention to the general public and politics - the Upper and Lower House and the European Parliament. We are managed under the auspices of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Just like universities, we are independent of the national government, even though it finances the majority of our income.