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Spring meeting NACGG: Dialogue on Germline Modification - how do we do it?


12:30 Mammoni, Mariaplaats 14, Utrecht
On Friday 28 june the Dutch Association for Community Genetics and Public Health Genomics (NACGG) has it's spring meeting. The meeting is dedicated to the national dialogue about germline modification, in which the Rathenau Instituut plays and important part.


12.30 Walk-in (coffee & tea)

13.00 Opening Dr. Lidewij Henneman, chairwoman

13.10 Germline Modification: it's more a question of 'how', not 'when' - Dr. Sebastiaan Mastenbroek, AMC

13.40 Germline Modification, what are the public's thoughts? Lessons from research into social media concerning vaccination - Drs. Roel Lutkenhaus, ErasmusMC

14.10 How do you involve the public in a new technology such as germline modification? Lessons from the dialogue on nano technology - Dr. Lotte Krabbenborg, Radboud University

14.40 Tea break

15.15 Philosophical and theological aspects of the germline modification dialogue - Prof. Matthias Smalbrugge, Vrije University

15.45 Ingredients for the social #DNAdialogue - Dr. Jeroen Goumans & dr. Sophie van Baalen, Rathenau Instituut

16.15 Discussion

Location: Mammoni, Mariaplaats 14 (ground floor), Utrecht

Register online. The costs for participating are 35 euros for NACGG members and 55 euros for non-members.

National dialogue 
The NACGG spring meeting is embedded in the national project 'germline dialogue'. This project aims to organise a national dialogue on germline modification. The NACGG and the Rathenau Instituut both participate in this project. 

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