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Digital and sustainable

Digital Society
datacentra in aanbouw in Middenmeer, Nederland.
In recent years, the Rathenau Instituut has shown that the energy transition goes hand in hand with the digitalisation of the energy system. Digital data can help to match the supply and demand of decentralised energy generation, such as energy from wind and solar power. But the digitalisation of the energy system itself also consumes a lot of energy. How can sustainability go hand in hand with digitalisation?

Over the coming years we will continue to investigate ways of shaping the sustainable energy transition, while retaining the principles of the Dutch Energy Act: sustainable, affordable, available to all and safe. Will it again be the platforms with the most data that will determine the price and availability of new energy? Data is “the new oil”. This analogy indicates both that a lot of money can be made from data and that data use puts a strain on our environment and our climate. Over the next years, we will investigate what our data hunger means for energy production and national and global climate targets.

Photo: Middenmeer, Nederland/ Aerovista Luchtfotografie via Shutterstock


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