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Individual perfection for birth, body and long life

Making perfect lives
Ouders kinderwagen oudere mensen Rotterdam
Medical technology developments for perfection and longer, healthier lives continue apace. Without exception, these technologies have a considerable impact on society. The Rathenau Instituut continues to engage in dialogue with stakeholders. We use research to study ways of shaping this technology while taking account of social values. What societal values are key to improving health and healthcare in practice?

What’s the social attitude towards the development of reproductive cells from skin cells and the creation of embryos from them?  Or towards the artificial uterus?  How is the culture of pregnancy and women’s autonomy changing as a result of the commercial provision of genetic carrier screening and “femtech” (e.g. ovulation tests and “social freezing” of eggs)? Through research and dialogue, we will lay down the legal and moral frameworks for the socially responsible use of regenerative medicine, including gene therapy and brain-computer interfaces. The Rathenau Instituut is bringing together a group of parties in the Netherlands to conduct a social dialogue on “growing organs in animals”. After all, technologies that combine human and animal material into a “human-animal hybrid” promise to offer a long-term solution to the shortage of human donor organs.