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Sustainable alleviation of resource hunger

23 July 2015
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In the report 'Sustainable alleviation of resource hunger', the Rathenau Instituut discusses several strategies that can accelerate the achievement of the goal of resources policy in the Netherlands and in Europe in order to sustainably secure sufficient resources for our economy.




This summary explains the recommendations that the Rathenau Instituut makes to the Dutch Ministries and the Parliamentary Standing Committees on Economic Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Infrastructure and the Environment. The recommendations are also relevant for the European Commission and the European Parliament:

  • Make resources subject to minimum requirements, for people, planet and profit
  • Make resource policy economically feasible, both within and outside of Europe
  • In evaluating which resources are ‘critical’, in addition to economic criteria, also include minimum social and ecological requirements, and use these in negotiations with partner countries
  • Stimulate integral resource policy in which resource extraction and use is always evaluated on the basis of economic, ecological and social sustainability


Preferred citation:
Krom, A. & A. van Waes (2014), Sustainable alleviation of resource hunger – Management summary. Rathenau Instituut, The Hague, the Netherlands.