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10 March 2011

Getting to the Core of the Bio-Economy

A perspective on the sustainable promise of biomass
Energy transition
The bio-economy is a highly promising prospect for a more sustainable economy. Ideally, the bio-economy should be an efficient economic system that produces no waste and no longer relies entirely on fossil-based feedstock but runs mainly on biomass, i.e. plant-based raw materials such as trees, other vegetation and algae, and animal material such as offal and cooking fat. Our study shows that the bio-economy only really has a future if it is ecologically sustainable, socially just, and publicly supported.





Preferred citation:
Asveld L., R. van Est & D. Stemerding (Eds), Getting to the core of the bio-economy: A perspective on the sustainable promise of biomass. The Hague: Rathenau Instituut, 2011

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