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Robust science and knowledge ecosystems

The society has high expectations of knowledge that contributes to societal challenges. To achieve this, it is important that knowledge organisations government and industry collaborate. It also appears that science and technology have strategic significance in light of geopolitics and the dominant positions of China and the US.  Who helps shape the development of science and who safeguards their independence?

Major challenges such as climate change and loss of biodiversity require long-term research agendas in which many parties cooperate and adjustments can be made in the interim. And where, in addition to fundamental knowledge, specific knowledge for the setting of societal challenges is developed. The humanities and social sciences in the Netherlands are in the international top 5. They help us to understand mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion and to shape changes in the welfare state and society.But the question of diversity and inclusion is also topical within science itself. Who shares in the benefits of science? 

Four topics

As part of the theme of “Robust Science and Knowledge Ecosystems” we will be working on the following subjectsnwith new research and debate over the next two years.