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Making perfect lives

Social and political debate on bioethics

New technological developments in agriculture and medical care raise recurring questions. Should these technologies be allowed? Who decides that? Should scientists be held accountable by society for these matters? How can we continue to focus on the perceived “values” of life, which are decided not only by health, but also by happiness, well-being and security, for example? We have extensive experience in analysing bioethical issues and identifying the perspectives and interests involved. Over the coming years we intend to use this expertise in debates on current issues. And, we assist others to conduct dialogues in an inclusive manner.

We work with patient associations, the Health Council of the Netherlands, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Fisheries. We also take a close look at international differences. Countries think differently about ethical, social and legal issues in bioethics. For example with the approach of the COVID-19 pandemic, zoonoses (e.g. Q fever and SARS) and the race to find a COVID-19 vaccin. But there are also the effects of climate change, the major health differences, worldwide and between people with low and high incomes.

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