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Irene Huffnagel, MD, PhD

Irene Huffnagel is researcher of the science system.

Irene has been working at the Rathenau Instituut since March 2024. She is a researcher and focusses on monitoring and analysing the science system. 
Education and career

Irene studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam (with honors). In 2019, she completed her PhD ‘Life unexpected – unraveling the natural history of adrenoleukodystrophy’ which focused on, among others, (surrogate) outcome measures for disease severity and –progression in the rare metabolic disorder adrenoleukodystrophy. Subsequently, she worked as a pediatrician in training (pediatric resident, Erasmus MC/Sophia) for several years. She combined her clinical work with a postdoc (Amsterdam UMC) during which she developed an international guideline for the care of adrenoleukodydstrophy patients with a modified Delphi approach.