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Marleen Schuijer MSc

Marleen Schuijer
Marleen is involved in the policy on controversial technologies. At the moment, she is creating a dialogue about the governance of long-term disposal of radioactive waste. She pays particular attention to polarization in the public debate and develops dialogues that promote trust and understanding between people.

Education and career
Marleen has previously worked as a communications advisor at the ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. She supported policy advisors in applying behavioural insights and developed strategies to deal with polarization. She established a platform for qualitative research among farmers and promoted more personal contact between civil servants and agricultural producers.

Marleen discovered her passion for controversial subjects during her masters in Biological Sciences. She researched the ethical dilemmas regarding the exploitation of outer space. In addition, she analysed the European regulation on genetically modified crops. Marleen started her career as Rijkstrainee at the ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.