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Timo Nieuwenhuis MA

Timo works as a researcher within the theme of digitalization at the Rathenau Institute. He is interested in how technology and culture are intertwined and how that affects our social and intimate lives. During his role, he works within the research project 'Inclusive Online Environments'.

Study and career
Timo previously worked as a researcher at the Digitalization and Innovation department of the municipality of Amsterdam. During this role he looked at the relationship between emerging technology, public values and public space. At the municipality of Amsterdam, he researched immersive technology and generative AI. Before his time at the municipality of Amsterdam, Timo did a research internship and editorial internship at PublicSpaces: a foundation committed to manifest public values on the internet. Timo completed a master's degree in New Media & Digital Culture at Utrecht University. For his master's thesis, he has researched how the (gendered) technological imaginary of the film Her (2013) is intertwined with the Humanoid app Replika. For his pre-master thesis, he has researched the role of FOMO in the affordances of dating apps Hinge and Tinder.