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Societal Impact Analysis Next Generation Infrastructures

29 January 2012
In this report we present a systematic analysis of the societal impact of the research programme Next Generation Infrastructures.




This is a ~50% government funded research programme that runs from 2004-2014. The aim of our study is twofold. The first aim of this study is to identify the contributions of the research programme to practitioners of infrastructures in the Netherlands. The second aim is to get an insight into the mechanisms through which the research programme has had impact. Based on these insights, NG Infra programme management can enhance the programme activities concerning stakeholder involvement and societal impact.


Preferred citation: 
De Jong, S.P.L., L.K. Hessels & B.J.R. van der Meulen, Societal Impact Analysis Next Generation Infrastructures. Rathenau Instituut, The Hague. SciSA report 1121