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Twenty years of research evaluation

25 May 2013
Facts and figures
The Netherlands, after the UK, has the longest tradition of quality assurance in academic research. This edition of Facts & Figures looks at the development of the Dutch quality assurance system and at the results of research evaluation.




What has twenty years of quality assurance in academic research achieved? This edition of Facts & Figures considers this question. For the first time since 1993, it provides a review both of the development of the system and of the results of evaluation, providing an insight into how universities and research institutes assure the quality of their research.

The database used in this research can be consulted via DANS.


Preferred citation:
Leonie van Drooge, Stefan de Jong et al (2013): Twintig jaar onderzoeksevaluatie, Feiten & Cijfers 8. Den Haag: Rathenau Instituut.