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Dr. Michelle Habets

senior researcher
Michelle Habets is senior researcher.


Michelle Habets studies socially relevant aspects of various developments in the field of synthetic biology, agricultural biotechnology, and medical biotechnology.

Education and career

Michelle studied biology and philosophy at the Radboud University Nijmegen, and Healthcare Ethics and Law (MA) at Manchester University. In 2008, she completed her PhD on the evolution of microbial diversity at the Lab of Genetics at Wageningen University. Subsequently, she worked at the University of Liverpool studying, among others, the risks of using antimicrobial peptides in health care. In 2016, she finished her PhD in medical ethics at the University Medical Center Utrecht. Before coming to the Rathenau Instituut, she worked on a project combining empirical research and expertise of health care and law to better understand and regulate end of life policies (Erasmus University Rotterdam).

Other activities

  • Guest researcher at Wageningen University & Research (0.2fte)
  • Member of the Ethics and Health committee at ZonMw, The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development
  • Member of the COVID-19 committee at ZonMw