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Art of Innovation


10 uur UMC Utrecht
The Netherlands belongs to the top three most innovative countries in the world. In the field of image-guided cancer treatment, the Dutch play a particularly innovative role. Innnovation, however, should never be a goal in itself, especially not in medicine. Medical innovation should lead to improving lives of (future) patients and benefit society as a whole.

Medical innovators from the UMC Utrecht will share with you the most recent developments in the field of image-guided treatment of cancer. In the second part of the symposium, the conditions for successful innovation will be addressed: How do we demonstrate theoretical benefits of medical innovations to translate into actual benefits for patients? What are the medico-ethical implications of technological innovation in health care? Is our society ready for digitalization and robotization of cancer care? And what type of leadership is best suited to inspire and facilitate doctors and researchers to initiate and implement medical innovation?

Melanie Peters, director of the Rathenau Instituut, is one of the speakers.


More information on the programme and tickets are available on the website of UMC Utrecht.