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The future of radioactive waste management; lessons from Europe

27 June 2023

The first European disposal site for radioactive waste is under construction in Onkalo, Finland (Photo: Emmi Kolhonen/ANP)

In het Finse Onkalo wordt gewerkt aan de eerste bergingslocatie in Europa voor radioactief afval
How do other European countries deal with the long-term management of their radioactive waste? In collaboration with 18 researchers from different countries, we surveyed 10 European countries. Our publication shows that countries such as the Netherlands have learned by trial and error that we need to involve the public in decision-making on the disposal of radioactive waste. This study (in English) can be downloaded free of charge from Springer publishers, but is also available in print.

This comparison is the third study on radioactive waste management we are publishing this year. In reports published in January, we showed how the Netherlands handled its radioactive waste for 70 years and how experts and stakeholders view that history. Later this year we will publish a third study on the legal rules surrounding radioactive waste decision-making and the knowledge of these rules in the Netherlands.

Lees de gehele publicatie

Lees hier de gehele publicatie (externe link naar Springer).