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Deciding on radioactive waste - livestream

05 October 2023
De locatie in Onkalo waar de Finse overheid haar radioactief afval wil bergen.

Watch the event Deciding on radioactive waste: lessons from Europe:


You can follow the event live on our website:

9.30: Welcome and presentation The Future of Radioactive Waste Governance: Lessons from Europe by Rinie van Est (Rathenau Instituut)

10.00: Lessons from Europe

  • Anne Bergmans (University of Antwerp)
  • Sophie Kuppler (Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis, Karlsruhe)
  • Markku Lehtonen (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona)

11.00: Break

11.30: Lessons for the Netherlands

  • Jan Haverkamp (Greenpeace and WISE)
  • Marie-Noëlle Martin (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management)
  • Jan Boelen (Central Organisation For Radioactive Waste)
  • Wim Bijsterbosch (Province of Drenthe)
  •  Anne Loeber (Athena Institute, VU Amsterdam)

More information: