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R&D funding flows of companies going abroad and coming from abroad

data publication
16 December 2022
R&D Funding Company
How do the Dutch Research & Development funding flows go from and to companies abroad? In this data publication we compare the incoming and outgoing R&D funding flows for companies (going abroad and coming from abroad).

In short

  • Dutch companies also finance R&D abroad in addition to R&D in the Netherlands.
  • However, Dutch companies also receive R&D financing from abroad. Mostly from the same kind of company.
  • In 2020, companies spent 1.915 billion euros on R&F coming from abroad.

facts and figures

1.915 billion R&D-expenditure companies received from abroad, 2020

2.912 billion R&D-expenditure spent on research abroad, 2020

-0.997 billion Difference in R&D-expenditure received from abroad and spent abroad, 2020.

Dutch companies not only finance R&D within their own company or at Dutch public knowledge institutions, but also finance R&D abroad. In addition, Dutch companies receive financial R&D-resources from abroad. These financing flows to and from abroad largely concern flows between parts of the same group.