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The function of public knowledge organizations in the Netherlands

24 October 2018
Governments need knowledge to make responsible decisions. Almost thirty public knowledge organizations in the Netherlands are tasked with supporting policy-makers by informing government policy, enabling innovation and meeting the knowledge needs of professionals. Researchers Lionne Koens, Bram Harkema and Patricia Faasse analysed the implications of this mission for the activities, position, legitimacy and output of public knowledge organizations.

In 'Making Knowledge Work: The function of public knowledge organisations in the Netherlands' they explore the function and position of public knowledge organisations. They show that using science to meet stakeholder needs is a constant and deliberate balancing act. 

Read the entire article via Springer

What public knowledge organisations do

These organisations provide evidence for policy and support governments, professionals and industries through research and innovation. Their main mission is not the research itself, but the translation and dissemination of the knowledge gathered. This in order to contribute to better informed policies that ensure the welfare, well-being and safety of society.