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Management and performance of research groups

01 August 2009
Good research is not only a matter of finding talented researchers. The environment in which they work is also important. Ensuring that researchers are properly embedded in the organisation is the job of management, at both research group and institution level. Precisely how can research group leaders organise their groups, and lead them to perform better? To date, only fragmented, incomplete studies had addressed this issue. The Rathenau Institute’s Science System Assessment department has therefore performed a study in the field of medical research to fill the gap.




This is a summary of the original report (in Dutch).

Preferred citation:
Van der Weijden, Inge, Maaike Verbree, Robert Braam en Peter van den Besselaar (2009) Management en prestaties van onderzoeksgroepen – samenvatting van de bevindingen. Den Haag; Rathenau Instituut; SciSA rapport 0913A