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Public research institutes in the Netherlands

01 April 2009
Facts and figures
Public knowledge organisations
This is the second issue of Facts and Figures. compiled by the Science System Assessment Department, Rathenau Instituut. This issue contains information on the wide variety of public research institutes in the Netherlands, focusing on the research activities carried out by these institutes.




Research is divided among four different sectors in the Netherlands. More than half of research and development is carried out by the business enterprise sector. The universities are the second sector. In addition, public research institutes perform a great deal of the research conducted in the Netherlands. Finally, there is a small sector of private non-profit institutes (PNP). This issue of Facts and Figures provides a summary of basic information on the public research institute sector.

The institute sector may be categorized as follows:

  • Institutes that are nearly exclusively involved in research;
  • Government agencies involved in research as a major secondary activity (including planning offices);
  • Healthcare and welfare institutions that carry out research as a major secondary activity, and
  • Other institutions in the field of culture, public administration, advising/consulting,umbrella organizations and private non-profit funds that are engaged in research activities to a greater or lesser degree.

Preferred citation:
Steen, J. van (2008), Science System Assessment Facts and Figures 2: The public research institutes. The Netherlands The Hague, Rathenau Instituut.