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Kyra Delsing MA

Kyra Delsing is a biotechnology researcher.


Kyra focuses on the ethical aspects and social issues surrounding biotechnological developments. She is involved in projects on safety and risk management in biotechnology and the social and ethical aspects of the synthetic cell.

Education and career

Kyra received her bachelor in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences at Utrecht University and her master’s in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam. During her studies she focused on the effect of new technologies on the autonomy of people and the meaning of the Smart City.

After her studies, Kyra gained experience a content manager and worked as a behavioral scientist at a consultancy firm that uses psychology and data analysis to advise and support companies in optimizing the online customer experience. As a behavioral scientist, Kyra conducted extensive behavioral studies based on qualitative and quantitative research and set up online experiments (A/B-tests) to validate and further investigate findings or assumptions.