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Check in / Check out

01 June 2010
The public Space as an Internet of Things
Big data Privacy
In the public domain we are surrounded by ever-greater densities of digital equipment. Cameras ensure our safety, antennae and sensors track the speed of our cars and signpost our journeys, and gateways decide who is granted access to more and more places. Information society is entering a new phase.




Check In / Check Out describes this international trend using case studies from cities that include Shanghai, Tokyo, London and Rio de Janeiro, as well as developments in the Netherlands. What are the consequences of this information society for citizens? When does the technology aid them and does that emancipate them? When does the technology restrict citizens in their movements and impinge upon their privacy? How does this development influence the public space? Who wields control over the technology? And who actually sits behind the contraptions that are tracking us? The expert authors of Check In / Check Out tackle these topical questions and make recommendations for the future.

An interaction between paper and the digital domain is incorporated into the design of the book. The tags make it possible to download supplementary background information and short videos via your internet-capable mobile phone.