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The corona crisis calls for careful action and democratic debate

message to parliament
01 February 2021
The coronavirus claims human lives, inflicts serious health damage and currently largely shuts down society. To ease the lockdown, the government is considering the possible use of two types of apps. With a 'health app' citizens can monitor their symptoms and be guided remotely. A 'tracking and tracing app' contributes to source and contact tracing, as the Municipal Health Service (GGD) normally does. Societal actors and experts have expressed concerns about the reliability and efficiency of such corona apps. In addition, the development and deployment of these apps is encountering serious objections of principle with regard to public values and human rights. These objections call for political deliberation. In recent years, the Rathenau Instituut has conducted research into the responsible use of AI and apps, including in the medical domain. On the basis of this research, the Institute submitted five considerations to the Lower House of Parliament for the hearing on the corona apps.
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