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The Dutch science system in the European Research Area

30 March 2016
Facts & Figures
Funding Europe Research policy
In this publication the Rathenau Instituut provides factual information on the importance of European research policy, in particular the European Research Area, for scientific research in the Netherlands.




International mobility is on the increase in the world of science, both within the EU and beyond. Proximity is an important factor: for the Netherlands, neighbouring countries are both a main supplier and a favourite destination for researchers. To realise the ambition of free circulation of researchers within the ERA, the EU has introduced a diverse range of policy instruments. In addition, a pan-European visa and pension fund for researchers are in development.


Preferred citation:
Dorst, H., J. Deuten & E. Horlings, The Dutch science system in the European Research Area, The Hague, Rathenau Instituut, 2016