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01 October 2020

Income TNO by funding source

The indicator shows trends in TNO income by funding source.

Until 2008 TNO income grew, in particular through contracts. This was followed by a decline in 2009 and a second period of decline after 2012. The decline in total TNO funding after 2012 is caused by decreases in all sources except private contract work abroad. 2016 shows a slight rise in income. In 2017, total income drops with € 68 million. This is primarily caused (approximately € 62 million) by the fact that TNO sold the majority of its shares in TNO Bedrijven B.V.. As of march 30, 2017, TNO Bedrijven continued as First Dutch Innovations, with TNO as a minority shareholder. In 2018 ECN, a former Large Technological Institute, merges with TNO. Because of this and extra funding for applied research in accordance with the coalition agreement, direct support from the government rises with € 40 million.

The national government remains the largest source of funding for TNO, dropping in absolute terms between 2010 and 2015, but remaining - except for some fluctuations - fairly stable in relative size (30%) up unto 2016. Contracts by Dutch enterprises have dropped considerably since 2009, causing the share to shrink compared to 2004. The share of private contract work from abroad shows an upward trend. The proportion of contracts from international private organisations has increased over the period 2004-2015. The share of international assignments grows from 2004-2013, but from 2014 onwards the share of this source of revenue declines.

Because of the deconsolidation of TNO Bedrijven in 2017 and the merge with ECN in 2018, it is difficult to make any claims on financial developments after 2016.

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