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Collaboration between innovative companies and public research organisations

data publication
06 March 2023
research Innovation
To what extent do innovative companies cooperate with higher education and research institutions? In this data publication, we show an international comparison and the development of the extent to which private parties in innovation cooperate with public parties in research, in this case higher education institutions and research institutes. We also look at the development of the figures between 2006 and 2020.

In short

  • The Netherlands scores below the average of the EU-27 in terms of cooperation between innovative companies and higher education institutions.
  • Finland has the greatest share in cooperation with higher education institutions, Ireland the greatest in cooperation with other research institutions.
  • Dutch innovative companies collaborate more with higher education institutions than with other research institutions.

A comparatively small share of the innovative private companies in the Netherlands collaborate with public organizations, whether higher education institutions or research institutes. The share is somewhat higher for the higher education institutions, although the Netherlands is positioned in the lower segment of the ranking. The share of innovative companies collaborating with other research institutes (both public and private) has risen to just above the EU-27 average in 2018-2020.